Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Enjoying being at home!

One of my goals in this at home time that the Lord is blessing me with is to spend time connecting with family and friends. Since it's summer time and school's out, last week I got some time with Paige and Chris - sans any parents ;)

Now that Paige is going to be heading in to high school, dad says she needs to start cooking dinner one night a week (yay for him doing that ;0 here for a great post I read on family dinners on Monday) SO...she says she has no clue what to do! Well, a few weeks ago when she was over swimming, we caught Rachel Ray and thought her Pizza Pretzels looked quite yummy...
...and 'DING' (for once, the thought light bulb goes off in the moment, not afterwards!) Tia Connie says, lets plan a day when you can come over and we'll try to make these so you can practice then be able to make it for your dad!

So above you can see what rachel's looked like...and here's what we ended up with:
In the recipe, it didn't mention making your dough long so that it could be formed like a pretzel...although I'm sure it's implied (I wasn't thinking much I guess!) So we decided to call them pizza bagels instead.

Either way - no matter what they looked like, they were YUMMY!!

Next, Paige wants to make enchilada casserole! of mine and Tyler's favorites ;)

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