Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ann's Birthday

Last Friday, Ann turned 39 - wahoo! She just bought a house about a month ago and is ready to start a brand new year with who knows what the Lord has planned for her! ...but it seems like great things the way it's starting.

We had everyone over for BBQ and Mr T thought he'd mix it up and instead of BBQing dogs and burgers, we went for chicken and shrimp skewers...yummy.

while we were tending to the 'que, she shared with us her edible bouquet that someone sent to her at work...the bananas covered in milk and white chocolate were absolutely DELISH

Of course, we had some Isaiah time ;)

We realized we were 1 chair short for dinner, so my mom brought a little card table and chairs -and with the flowers that Jessica brought for her mom it looked like 'table for two' ;)...but it was my mom and Blair - not crystal!

After dinner, Crystal joined Blair at the table ;)
...for 'cake' time we decided to do cupcakes...yummy funfetti cupcakes ;)

and of course gift time
who wouldn't want a framed pic of Isaiah?!
And here's Ann with her girls.

Hope she had a great birthday evening with was a nice time together...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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you and your sister look SO much alike!!!:)