Wednesday, July 7, 2010

80's Flashback

Those that know me well, know I'm officially stuck in a time warp of music. I 'love' (apparently) every 80's song that I hear on the radio...but my love didn't grow overnight :) I guess having older sisters that were really in to the radio helped a bit, and I was a radio junkie growing up!

One group that I discovered in the 90's, I think due to being a BMG member and they just sent it too me...I'm really not quite sure...was this one; and here's the album cover that I have:
Yup, Air Supply, whose been around for 35 years. Crazy! I had the pleasure of introducing Tyler to them in one of my favorite movies, The Wedding Date, followed by our random CD playing time whenever we're on road trips. SO...when we saw that they were coming kind of near by (past Fresno, we're a little nuts), Tyler got us tickets! It was the week after my last day of work, so I called it a celebration concert...'i-don't-have-to-go-to-work-tomorrow-so-why-not-drive-2-hours-for-a-concert?! :) ANYWAY, here are some shots of these guys...and why do I feel like they look the same!

The crowd was extremely eclectic - I tried to nonchalantly get a shot to show.
In case you are not quite sure you remember who they are, or maybe you do and it's been forever since you've heard one of their songs, I will leave you with a clip - please no commenting on the quality of the video :) My little camera is not new and fancy :) The clip is for the song - not the shot :) ENJOY!


NANI said...

You guys crack me up >:) Was it fun?


Didn't think I knew that song...but I did.:) I think I love 80's more that I will ever let on! I am smiling as I sit here, picturing you, rocking a sweet baby in the nursery, listening to 80's..
She/he is going to LOVE it too.:)