Friday, July 2, 2010

Things I'm loving this week...

Last week was one of those - seems like it went by really quickly, filled with tons of stuff, yet I found some time for napping. It was also the first week I felt like I had routine - and well, you know me, I heart routines. This week did go by too quickly, had too much going on and naps became regular - and I figured out the best times to take them (between 12-1 so I can be back up between 1-2). Last week I started a list of a few things that I really enjoyed, and here I am to wrap it up.
  1. Walks around the neighborhood. I loved having this extra time of prayer - and just the different things that I would be prompted to pray about as I was walking by the park, the school, different neighborhoods, etc. I also caught myself - get a hold of this - actually looking at the birds I heard chirping, slowly walking by the duck that was quacking; watching how it's body moved during each quack and really noticing the different colors in it's coat, looking at the different cloud formations in the sky; a masterpiece only God can create each day on his canvas and they were each beautiful, seeing different people walking their many different kinds of dogs (and if you don't know, I know nothing about dogs, so it was fun to just see all the different breeds). The walks were so nice. One morning I went at 6:30 and it was nice and crisp, once at 7, 8 then 8:30. Boy was it nice and warm when I was out at 8:30 :) I haven't really been one to 'stop and smell the roses' and I think this is the closest I've gotten; I highly recommend it!
  2. Confirmations from God. During this past week, through chatting with my wonderful mentor, Ms Tammy Tate and (last) Friday night with Ms Savannah, I found myself putting things together that I have been reading, praying about, dealing with (trying to anyway), etc. It has been so peaceful to quit the yo-yo 'giving it to God' game I've been playing with some forgiveness issues, realizing that the many things
  3. My husband and how helpful, gracious and amazingly talented he is :) Last weekend he did all the cooking (YAY!) including when we had friends over on Friday night. He put up with a couple of tantrums I threw, and he is just such a talented man, and I am glad to see him be able to put his creative noodles to work on some fun side jobs...also glad to see him be able to be creative around the house by building new HD antennas, getting our new TV all hooked up (so I can catch up on soaps online on the TV instead of the laptop!)...I could go on and on, of course :)
  4. The ability to reflect on the changes God has made in my life over the past few years, through one of the books/studies I'm going through. Tyler thinks I should write a book about it, and I think that some day I will :)
  5. Watching God answer prayers...and there's so many of them:)
  6. FINALLY taking steps to get ready for the baby. Last week I started to somewhat register (thanks to all the help of the ladies that replied!). I bought my first decoration for the baby's room...although it's for a boy, so if it's a girl guess I will have to figure out something to do with it! I guess now that we've clued in that this puppy will be here in no time, we've really started to think about it as being while the room set up will wait till mid August, there's tons of garage and closet space we can start filling up :)
  7. Being in the 'now'...something I have never really done in my life. This is one of my new leaves I've apparently turned over, but I'm so enjoying it! I guess this goes along with #1 above, and also a little of the fact that I've just been enjoying the different pregnancy stages, not really focusing too much on the material items needed for the baby, etc. Shoot my grandma made it in mexico giving birth while basically hanging from a tree branch, and her 'necessities' were nothing like what we have now-a-days. So we'll be just fine (that and the fact that Crystal, my new mom niece, has plenty she can pass down to us as she's not needing things).
  8. I'm also loving that my hubby gets a 3-day weekend! WAHOO! So now I must go so that I can put all my distractions aside and focus on my long weekend with him. I have recently realized that we don't have many pics of him and I since I've been pregnant :( so hopefully we'll get some this weekend!
Have a great 4th of July weekend!



I just love you. that's all.:)

NANI said...

Where are the pictures of you two.. WAITING> :)