Wednesday, July 28, 2010

33 Weeks

I've noticed that, in being asked, and asking others that are currently pregnant, we all have a different view on how we're 'keeping track of time' during the pregnancy. There are those who say, "I'm X months." You've got your girls looking forward to the end saying, "I have X weeks left." Then there are those like Tyler and I who are counting the current week we're in and taking in everything that we read about it (yes, I have heard you only do it with the first child, but that's when you're most clueless and need it, right?!!)

We have entered in to our 33rd week, and at this point, we're weighing in at a pineapple.

In our efforts to enjoy every moment of pregnancy that we have left, I'm having a little fun here :) ...Pineapple alone made me think of a tropical drink on vacation, so I thought this image would be best ;0
Lately, I have been feeling a little on the alcoholic side...thinking of beers, wines and drinks that 'sound really good right now' or 'would go really great with this meal' or 'would just be nice to have'. You'd think I was a daily drinker prior to pregnancy with all my recent thoughts ;) Don't get me started on the research I've done on when I can have a beverage AFTER baby and timing it during breast feeding. No worries, I know it's just a current obsession, and as soon as I 'can' have some, it won't be as appealing anymore. HOW DID I GET ON THIS TANGENT?! sorry ;)

BACK TO PINEAPPLES AND VACATION: So, I thought I'd look through our pics from Hawaii last year to see if we had any fun pineapple drinks...and apparently not - but we do have this pic!

...awww...the memories of Hawaii. Wonder when we'll get to go back. What a blessing to have been able to go at all last year.
Stay tuned to see how baby weighs in next week, and what random thoughts that will bring about ;)


Dani F. Boyd said...

It was good to see you last Saturday. You look so pretty!

Aunt Nell said...

hahahaha I love the Tyler Pinaple. Puts it into perspective a little as to what the baby might look like!! ;) Praying he/she stays in a little longer though!! <3 You.