Thursday, July 8, 2010

Catch up wrap-up

Well, I think I'm going to wrap the last few pics up together here so I can finally say I'm caught up - wahoo!

NELLY: estas fotos son para ti! Son de cuando estuvo Mari aquí hace como 2 semanas. Ella, tu mama y los niños vinieron a jugar en la alberca por un ratito el viernes antes de irse.

TRANSLATION: my cousin Marisol was here from Mexico a couple of weeks back...she and the kids came over and played in the pool for a while :)

how adorable are these kids?! I know I probably shouldn't be taking pictures during service, but we are in the season of having outdoor services...and our church had a bbq afterwards so we brought the camera along.

here's their mama - Ms Kimmy.
I think everywhere we go, or take pics together, we always include a prom pose :)

...and the rest of our 4th - it was nice and low key. Had some family over for a bbq.

Congrats to the new homeowner here - she's been moving in to her adorable new house for the past week or so...and she's hoping to be out of boxes by this weekend!
and as always, Lita :)
...and we did squeeze ONE picture in before the end of the day here.
we'll have to try to get more in - our clock is ticking for the baby's arrival!! hoping to get some professional pics taken some time this month :)

Hope everyone's had a great week!!

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