Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random things

I was hoping to have some things each week that I was enjoying or appreciating that I would share each week...but last week got crazy, and well it's only Wednesday so too soon for something this week.

BUT there are a few things that are boggling me for this week that I'll share!
  • using your cell while driving: I have seen about 5 or more cars over the past few days that I can see coming from a stretch. They are slowly driving at an angle, coming in to my lane from the opposite side, then all of a sudden they jerk back to the right side of the road. Each time I drive by they are either talking on the phone or texting or maybe even on the internet or something - but utilizing their cell in some way or another. Hello people - why don't they see how dangerous it is?! I will have to admit, even if I'm on the phone with a cord or blue tooth, I still find myself either going to the wrong place or direction, speeding or driving super slow....i.e. I can't focus on two things at once while driving. And texting - forget it.
  • zumba instructors: how come they don't realize they need a little rhythm/coordination in order to teach class? wow that sounds harsh! But seriously! Every class I have attempted, I find myself finding the counts/rhythm and being thrown off at how much the teacher is on the wrong count or just timing in general. I don't get it. I DID enjoy the instructor in Indiana - that was probably my favorite class I've been too. And yes, I realize that what I'm saying here is that I have rhythm and can get it better than the instructors. Sorry, but I started taking dance when I was like 6 and I'm Mexican and have been dancing with cousins in our living rooms since we were like 9 or something - and at every family gathering where music is playing since :) So you may want to say I'm the common denominator, but I will disagree:)
since it sounds like I'm being a debbie downer, I'll quit there...and I will say that one thing I'm absolutely loving with all of my heart is the feeling of the baby moving around in my belly at any given time of the day. While it doesn't feel like it's having gym class in my belly (probably since it's beginning to be a tighter squeeze for it) I am feeling it from every angle, little and big - either the bottom, feet, head, legs, hands or whole body...that had to have been my favorite last week. I felt it from side to side just pushing my belly outwards. Yesterday, during lunch with my lovely Mentor Ms Tammy :) It felt like it took both hands or both feet and was just pounding away at the middle of my belly trying to get out...THAT was interesting. Anyhow...I know most everyone knows what I'm talking about here. I'm one of the last of the mohicans to be joining the mom club :)

Have a good Wednesday! Don't forget to take time for yourself (even if it's demanded by locking yourself in the bathroom with a good book) :)



You should have seen this guy the other day.. he was riding his motorcycle,shirtless and helmet-less, (we don't have a helmet law out here~stupid)TEXTING!!!! What an idiot!!! Also, I would say you have every right to say that most instructors do not have rhythm..I totally agree. I take other ladies classes, and they are SO off, it's almost impossible for me to follow.
Frustrating when you feel like you could teach the class better...hmm. Maybe you should start up a dance class..:) And yeah for baby was always my favorite part. Love you!

Aunt Nell said...

lol!!! Most of my instructors are pretty good. Sometimes they get off beat, but for the most part they are pretty good. My Monday instructor (who became a good friend and Im totally gonna miss her :( Took Dance and teaches ACTUAL dances :) Shes really good. We do some pretty funny things, but for the most part shes incredible!! I wish you girls could come to some of mine!!!! :(

Yah for baby movement. My trainer let me feel her baby! WOW. As much as I love prego bellys I never feel comfortable touching them. So for her to let me was incredible...and thats just from the outside!! I cant wait to feel what you are feeling. You are SOOO not the last of the mohicans!! ;)~