Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I think to sit and write more often than I do...c'est la vie, right?! :)

I have had a reoccurring lesson that the Lord has been trying to get across to me, but I guess I'm slightly hard of hearing or am good for application for a period of time, then I forget about it?! I dunno.

Last week, I had about my 3rd slight break down in the past 2 months or so, from not setting boundaries in life currently (although my lack of boundaries applies to my previous work life, family, and just life in general).

I loved it, though, as God spoke to me through some radio briefs talking about how even the disciples needed a break and took off to spend some alone time with God to refresh. I've been reading things about not trying to be a superwoman thinking I can do it all and right now, and most importantly with my current state of growing inches each day in the belly region - taking time for myself to rest, relax...and try to do a little reading to inform myself of all the lovely things that are about happen and change and who knows what else...anyhow, I praise the Lord for just seeing how He's trying to get this through to me in several ways since last Wednesday, including this morning.

My wrist actually started aching (like my normal aches) last week and it's now turned in to a pain and I can't put pressure on it...it actually hurts to type. I started wondering if He was bringing this on to keep me away from the computer :)

Back to this morning - not sure if you had a chance to catch Focus on the Family this morning, but it was great! I actually haven't been able to catch it at all since leaving work. I had intended to listen in online, but hasn't happened as of yet. Anyhow, this broadcast spoke to me on so many levels and I know there are so many of us out there that the Lord is trying to reach through it, so Ima help Him out a bit :) Click here to listen.

Apparently it's part 2 of 2, so I will have to catch part 1 later and hope you do as well!

Have a great Tuesday!

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Hey dear! Been praying for you...I cannot believe you only have 63 days left...CRAZY! Can't wait to see you!