Monday, July 5, 2010


Paige graduated from 8th grade at the beginning of June. That was the invite that we made for her :)

She was acting a little camera shy -not wanting to look up at us. She had a pretty good rooting section, so we were thinking she was a little embarrassed by the noise that came from our section for her.

...and all the individual shots with everyone :)

I'm not sure what Tyler caught here, but looks like it was funny :)
The graduation party followed, the weekend after.

Jeff & Janaya...who is just getting so big! and go herself a big girl hair cut :)

my sister pam...who I hadn't seen in so long that I had to double take to recognize with bangs :)

he was so beat and ready for a nap, that he was falling asleep while his dad was holding him up!
...and our effort at our matching belly shot. Her due date's been moved up, so she's now due 10 days after us!
Family gatherings are always a good time! Especially with Joe's bbq...and if this place looks familiar, it's where Tyler and I had our reception :) I cannot believe this is the youngest niece - with only 4 years left until adulthood...pray with us for her! :)

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NANI said...

Paige is beautiful. :)
so are you. Your baby bump is looking so good. :) YEAH GOD!!
We are praying daily for you and for Ty and the little snuggly baby. ;)
HUGS> .Can't wait to see you in person.