Monday, December 13, 2010

Emma Update

Guess what Emma did this past weekend? 
...she had her first taste of rice cereal!!

...and she's loved every bite of it, well...almost EVERY one :)  Saturday was her first, and she struggled to finish the whole 2 tbsps, this morning, however, she scarfed it all down, opening up wide for each spoonfull until she was done!

Friday was her 4 month check-up.  We can NOT believe she's already 4 months!  It's flown right by.

 Her stats are: 
11.9 lbs
HC: 15 1/2
she is the teens percentile wise for her actual age, but about 8 percentile for her due date age...the Doc noted that, so I thought I would share :)
She had fun with Teremama entertaining her at the appointment.  Dr said he wanted to stay and play with her she was in such a chatty and playful mood!

Developmentally, she's on target with her birth age, so she's 'ahead' of the game according to her due date ;) She really is doing well.  She's become such a gabber, especially since we came back from Cabo.  She L-O-V-E-S to talk on the phone too!  Girl loves attention, so as long as you're all about her, she's smiling and giggling atcha.  It's great ;)  We had such a sweet day today filled with smiles and talking and lovin'.  It's probably my most memorable day with her since she's come home :)  Ahh...Myemma ;)



shes growing so fast...sweet little thing. I cannot wait to hold her again! give her BIG kisses from the Ashenfelters!

NANI said...

Cute little girl. ;) and it is so fun when they really really start responding to you. :)
I love the surprised-eyed-look you got when you put that spoon into her mouth. :)
Blessings on your day.
Give Emma a hug for me.