Friday, December 10, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting many of you remember that movie?  I think I used to have my mom rent that and Harry and the Hendersons weekly!

So, while Tyler and I were in Cabo, Emma stayed home with my mom aka Teremama.  And Tia Diana was pretty much around the whole time too (mom doesn't act solo much these days).  Tia Ann's been sick, so she wasn't able to hang out for the party weekend :(

here was emma on her first morning without us.  
 blurry pic of craft corner.  Tia Diana made Emma a tutu to wear for her 4 month bday :)
 Lita came and hung out...
 On Friday was the weekly visit with Lina :)  Well, my mom and sister visit her weekly.  Emma and I make it sometimes for coffee and french toast.  Lina is Emma's Granny :)  She loves to get pictures texted to her of the kiddos!
Cousin Shurl stopped by
 ...and Sophie decided to pose for a pic
 Then, when they got home, Emma had her photo shoot in her new tu-tu :)  The wand was donated by cousin Shurl for her first birthday :)

 Emma's Tia Diana is a little crazy :)  She makes her crack up and talk a lot!  She loved her smelling her feet and wiggling her all around. 

 Saturday morning Emma didn't want to do anything except lay in bed with Tio Chico.  
 ...and she even got to hang out with Grandpa ;)
 Isaiah is so attentive to Emma when he's around her.  Here he is helping feed her!
 ...and then on Monday morning, mommy and daddy were finally home!!  (she was passed out by the time we got home sunday so we had to wait till monday morning to hold her.) yeah, girl was fine without us.  Not too sure how we feel about that yet, we're still processing :)



She's just too little to know yet...give her a little longer and see how it goes!:)

NANI said...

So many marvelous pictures of Emma and her caregiver-family-members. ;) SHE was well cared for.
She looked so happy to see you. :)
HOW is everyone??? :)