Friday, October 29, 2010

3 little pumpkins

ALMOST forgot to post these before Halloween!!  ...We have just way too much fun being silly with these babies and pictures!!  When we did Jayce's photo shoot, we also tried to get a cute picture of the three kids...not sure what exactly we were planning to do with the pics, but we weren't concerned with that then :)  Diana found some matching onsies for the kiddos and we tortured them in order to get the perfect shot (which I'm not sure we succeeded!).

here was our afternoon, starting with the solo shots




...and the three little buddies ;)


Aunt Nell said...

Oh my gosh! ADORABLE!! :) Love the Orange...not just for Halloween but because it reminds me of fall....something I wont get this year:/ And the GIANTS!! They are soo cute. Your nephew is a lil poser. He is just delicious. By that I mean I want to eat him up. His curls, sweet smile and amazing eyes. Someday I want to adopt a lil one like him ;) Love Emmas lil bow. So sweet. Great shots.

NANI said...

Cut little pumpkins. All three. But I am a bit partial to Ms. Em.
Love the pictures. Are you in your park across the street?