Saturday, October 23, 2010

Emma's first baseball game!

I do have some more non-Emma pics to post, but I figured order doesn't have to matter ;)  And I would hate for anyone to have Emma withdrawals!! :)  j/k....


Call us nutty, but we took Emma with us to the game last Tuesday.  I know, I know.  We thought we'd totally prepared and thought about it thoroughly...well, we did both those things, but our little Ms Emma just didn't have the best of times that day.  We started off the game GREAT!

Sadly, we didn't get a pic of her to show off her complete outfit...but here you can see her cute head band!  Thanks to Ms Hilda ;)  I had her in the Moby since she usually just passes out on me when she's in there.  It kept her body out of the direct sunshine :)  and we had a little bucket hat that she put on shortly after the pic to cover her head and face.  We were also prepared for the cold with her Giants zip up jacket (again, compliments of Ms Hilda - yay!) and all kinds of other warm  things we could layer on her.

The one thing we didn't think about was how loud it gets :)  And she wasn't very fond of that.  We probably stayed in our seats for about half the game.  Here was our view...not too shabby...

About the 6th inning, she and I went on a walk over by the bleacher seats where it wasn't as loud, so that was much better...until we were told to go find our seats :(  So we headed back...We ended up watching the game standing, but it was a pretty good view - and nice and quiet :)...and yes, as long as we weren't up in our seats, she was nicely passed out ;)

Here we are at the end of the game :)  (and this is where we watched the end of the game from)
and here's Emma's shirt she wore! (yup, still not too thrilled at this point once we were home)

 ATT Park does these certificates for first time game peeps!  Pretty cool that she'll get to have this to remember her oh-so-fun first game ;0
 The ride home...yeah...not fun.  crying baby and loads of traffic ;)  Oh well, c'est la vie!  Overall it was a fun day.  So glad Tyler had asked for the day off so we could go.

OH YEAH pictures of Emma ;)...

...I love to throw the Dodger stuff out there to rile some of you up.  And we didn't want to disappoint any Dodger fans out there only showing her in Giants gear.  We dressed in blue on Friday for my dad ;)

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NANI said...

Sweet. She is really growing. :)
and she looks more like you. I think she definitely has your nose. SO cute.
Glad she got her first certificate.
love her in blue too..even if it has to be Dodger Blue.