Friday, October 1, 2010

What a week!

Well this week has just flown by, my goodness!  We had a pretty low key week spending most of our days at home trying to get things organized around the house...and trying to get Emma's room D-O-N-E.  While it isn't quite there YET, we are on our way.  The bedding that we picked earlier this summer is on back order :(

We had registered for it a while back, but were waiting for the 'special' discount to actually order now they're thinking it'll be in sometime in November.  I picked up a pretty purple and white set for $10 at a yard sale that she's using until then!  For now, we ordered a changing table that we've grown accustom to using on the pack and play, got some shelves that we need to paint, and hopefully within the next week I will get the verse ordered, and our casting will be done soon!  I'm so visual it's hard for me to do pieces at a once all the pieces that we're wanting  on the walls are in our hands, we can start placing them.  Can't wait!  It will be nice to be all set baby-wise.  

This week, we got to visit with some friends from Alaska.  For some reason, we didn't think about taking pictures!  Not sure what I was thinking, who knows when we'll get to see them again!  Donna and Sharon - it was sure nice to meet you both and to meet all the kids and Charlie.  Tyler enjoyed seeing you all again.  We sure are glad we were able to meet up for a bit while you were here :)

Yesterday was Paige's birthday, so we had a family dinner...
Isaiah is getting SO big - he's such a happy little boy!

Jessica's past her due date and still truckin'!

Emma got to wear her pretty dress one more time...and she finally filled it out completely.  

She's getting so big!  I think next week will be her last in newborn clothes :(

...and the big 14 year old blowing out her candles with a little help from a darling little boy named Tyler, who just adored Emma ;)

Overall, Emma's doing well!  She's starting to smile more, and with different people when they hold her.  She's still fighting her tummy/gas issues, so hopefully her tummy develops a bit more so she doesn't have to endure that.  She's still a little crier, but hey, when that's your only form of communication, what else are you gonna do to get some attention?! :)  We've just gotten used to it, I guess.  

Well, 'tis it for tonight!  I've been trying to get this up all day:)  Tyler's off to play some poker, Emma's sleeping for a bit, and the brownies have 16 more minutes...I love chocolate!  Hope everyone had a great week and has an amazing weekend!

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The McCormack Family said...

I'm so glad you had a good week! What cool bedding! Worth the wait! Have a great week!