Saturday, October 2, 2010

Updated Medical Expenses

...since we shared what we had been billed for previously, and we got a new 'billed amount' in the mail yesterday, we thought we would share!  And oh, makes much more sense now :) 
$1,823.62 - Emma's ambulance
$38,347.20 - Connie's hospital stay
$103,493.89 - Emma's hospital stay
+ connie's ambulance (forget the amount)
...they're still covering it all, but we just got the 'baby girl boyd' amount to add to the total...


Matthew and Charrie said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! Praise God even more that they are covering all of that!! WOW!! Not that's it's any of my business, but did you have insurance that would have covered or did cover any of those expences? Or is all of that what you and Tyler would have had to pay out of your pocket?

What a HUGE HUGE HUGE blessing from the Lord! Both little Emma being born and her being healthy and this ginormous bill being covered!

Love you guys and think about you ofter. Thanks for the text updates and pictures...I love it! Always makes me smile! :)

Matthew and Charrie said...

Please pray this blessing over our friends Matt and Kim who just had their big boy Levi this past Tuesday and do not have any insurance. We are praying that the Lord will bless this in the same way so they will not have to pay anything either. Just wanted to ask you to join me in that prayer! :)

The McCormack Family said...

God is so good!!!!!!!!!!!

NANI said...

Wow.. and WOW again. So thankful for the faithfulness of God. :) WAAHOO>