Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend wrap-up

What a weekend we had!  Starting with Friday night!
Friday evening, we had some visitors to keep us company while Tyler was out :)  Emma and Isaiah had another (brief) play date!  This time, they were more comfortable with one another and we got the cutest pics of them being friendly!!
Once the crew left, I get a call from Ann about 9:30 ish, I think, saying, "Jessica thinks she broke her water, can we borrow your camera?" Her due date was the 23rd, so she was past, and I think quite glad the show was getting on the road here.  So Jess, Ann and Cheryl (John's mom) dropped by and stayed a little bit (putting off the inevitable for a little bit longer) and they went on their way to the hospital!  The crew started arriving to hang in the waiting room about 10:30...I was the last to join the party at about 12:30/1 ish, once Tyler got home from his poker night.  The night was quite long, so we had lots of self-entertaining going on all night - or shall I say MORNING long.  Here's some of the crew: 
IN the delivery room: daddy John
Grandma Cheryl
Grandpa Joe
In the waiting room: narcoleptic Teremama :)

Tia Paige snoozing the night away

cuddle-bugs Manny & Kim
long labor story short...6:55 we got the text that Jayce Michael Alves was born!  Here are a few of his pics him: 

Mommy and Jayce went home on Sunday, and are now resting at home :)  We are providing meals for them, so if you're interested give me a call, text or email and I'll get info to ya

Sunday Emma turned TWO MONTHS!  I can't believe it's been that long already.  Here are some shots of her from both Sunday and Monday:)

She's doing pretty well.  She's starting to make non-cry noises, and I think she's like "whoa, i can make noises that aren't crying?!"  coos are at the tip of her tongue, I can see her wanting to let some out while she's sitting their with her mouth open!  She's still a little fussy, but it's really getting better.  I think (pray) she'll be like many babies and once she's 3 months wake up all better :)  We will have our next check-up next week, so I will let everyone know what her current stats are at that time.  

sorry for such a long post!  


NANI said...

Sorry.. :)don't be sorry. I love pictures of Emma.. and your new little..?? What is he to you? is adorable. Very sweet little guy. :)
Emma looks great and happy.. I'll bet you she will start being happier as soon as she can get herself around and make some new noises.. ;)
You are probably right. SOON> Thanks for the new shots and new screensaver pictures. :)

Aunt Nell said...

She is such a little doll. Love her little long john polka dot outfits. So cute and comfy. I was gonna say...is that your sister or niece in labor!? <3 the foto of your mom. lol shes gonna kill you later for that one!! ;)

Praying for you guys and for Emma! I cant wait to hold her again. But she will be 6 months by the time I get out there. Cant wait. Happy Wednesday!