Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Isaiah's 6 months!

Yes...I actually do take pictures of things/babies other than Emma ;)   We just haven't been very good about sharing them!  But I know some of you are wondering about the other babies too - so I promise to not let Emma hog all the posts :)  

Last Saturday, Mr Isaiah turned 6 months.  We love that cameras are all digital - we took a gagillion pics of him!  Here are some of the highlights of our photo shoot :)

 Grandpa taking a siesta during the shoot ;)

next up: Jayce's shoot in search of the 'announcement' perfect poses!


Aunt Nell said...

Oh my gosh, he is such a doll. I want to keep him!! ;) <3 these shots. Such a cutie and Im sure he was fun to shoot! I love pics of all babies ;) Esp Emma!! Keep up the awesome work, girl.

NANI said...

He is a very cute little guy.. . ;)
Hope you have some time to come here and write. How is your schedule coming? ;) Is Emma messing with you again?
Looking for More Emma pics..... I put her on a slide show on my phone inside. )
So cute.