Monday, October 25, 2010

Jayce's first shoot!

I know not everyone reading knows the whole fam.  So a little 411 for ya here.  I have a sister, Ann:
Ann has 2 girls; Paige - freshman in HS

and Jessica, who just had a baby boy named Jayce on October 2.  
Jessica and I actually had our due dates about 1 week a part...but with Emma coming early and Jayce a little late, they're 2 months a part ;)

A couple weeks back we had Jayce over to take some pics of him in search of the perfect photo(s) for his birth announcement.  

...Emma was having her first big girl nap - she fell asleep on her blanket in the living room; no crib or holding required ;)  (and yes, orange and pink - the orange was for a photo we'll share later)

 ...emma squirmed during her nap ;)

 ...and the winners were: 

 we also made this one of pics from the day he was born :)
...hope ya didn't mind the Emma interruptions :)

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NANI said...

I never mind Emma interruptions. :)
Jayce is really cute. :) Nice announcement. :)