Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Emma moments ;)

To answer a question I know some of you are asking yourselves, yes, I do take pictures of Emma everyday :)  We are documenting her first year day by day :)  Wonderful that we are in the digital photo era to make that a possibility without costing a thing!  and it allows me to be able to share her daily activities and growth with anyone here that's interested in checking in on her. 

Here are some hangout moments.  She's started to acknowledge that it's play time with this little jungle play mat (thanks DeGuzmans!) and when I set her down she smiled and got all excited!

 ...and she's learned to chill on the couch :) 
 check out those beautiful blue eyes! 
...I always wanted a baby with blue eyes!  yay :) 

This is for my cousin Alex :)  Here was Emma as we were hanging out one day last week...she was wearing a new onsie. looking like a cutie and we were having a grand 'ol day...
 ...and then...she made a mess :)
...no worries, I won't share more than just this pic, which I'm sure is more than enough!! :)



She is just too cute!
And happy baby's poop lots.:)
What's funny is, when i looked at that picture, i could smell it!!:)
My memory bank of smells has been filled with that particular smell, i guess.
Made me laugh.:)

Aunt Nell said...

hahahhhaa Connie A. You made me laugh...smell it! :P Emma is a doll. Love seeing her growth n development. She is beautiful!!

NANI said...

What a riot.. because I could actually smell it too. :) HAHA HAHAHA>
not that I really want to, but it is embedded in my memory and I really don't think of nursing baby poop smell as bad. :)
Really. ;)
She is just too adorable and it is funny to see her in all sorts of positions.. the weird part is that she will actually be crawling around on your floor. It just goes so fast.

Tyler and Connie Boyd said...

you guys are stinkin' hilarious!! sorry corny joke time this early in the am;) ...you should have seen me this was my first solo act in this situation hence the child laying in the sink and actual photo of it!!!

NANI said...

Ok, so hopefully you disinfected that sink... As I am cracking up here over the fact that it actually IS the kitchen sink.:) HAHAHAHA>>>>
You make me smile. :) Of course, if you can put chicken guts and other disgusting things down your disposal, Emma's poop is just fine. :) LOL