Thursday, October 14, 2010

Emma's 2 month check-up

Well, I'd love to get a poll of how much everyone think Emma weighs because she certainly weighed in more than what I was thinking!!  

Here are her stats: 
Head diameter: 14 1/2 inches
Height:  22 inches
Weight: 9 pounds 12 ounces

We had a great appointment.  Thanks to our great friend Lorrie that works for Kaiser, she helped us pick a WONDERFUL pediatrician (Dr Jovaid).  He's great at listening to us, talking to us and explaining things (he actually says 'do you understand).  So, we discussed Emma's spit up issues. His thoughts are: she's obviously getting fed to have gained this much weight, so it's most likely not any kind of reflux - he's thinking she just eats beyond her belly's limits :)  So, we're supposed to just try to stretch the time between feedings to make sure she's digested what she ate previously.  We shall see how well that works since today she's eating like crazy! :)

We also were able to talk about immunizations and making our own schedule.  Tyler did lots of homework, and thanks to all of Megan's info that she's shared with us, we just felt that we didn't want to put her on the 'normal' schedule of things.  I say 'we' but really Tyler did all the looking up and schedule creating, so yay him :)  

Here are a load of pics from yesterday!  We had dinner at Diana's so all the kiddos were together!

Jayce and Emma are 2 months a part :)

 'gwammy' was holding Emma, and Isaiah got jealous!  So she tried to juggle them :)
 Grandma and Jayce
 Tia Shurl and Jayce :)


Aunt Nell said...

awww 9 lbs. GO EMMA!!!!Wow. I wouldn't have guessed that either. Shes doing great. Looks a lot like Ty in those fotos ;) So sweet and what fun to play with her cousins ;) <3 n miss you guys tons. Tell Ty I love him too and send a hug from Brasil!!!! Been praying for you guys! See you in a few months (Feb or so ;)


She's almost doubled her weight in 2 months!! That's awesome!
Good for Tyler! How did the doc react to your schedule?

You are almost to 10 weeks, 10 pounds..praying that the old wives tale that once the baby hits those, she turns into a perfect sleeping angel happens for you!:)
Love ya!

NANI said...

Amazing. ;) She is adorable as usual. The new baby is very cute too. ;)
HUGS TO ALL.. Way to go.. mom.