Monday, September 27, 2010

Things I'm loving this (last) week...

I started this last week, but didn't want to take time away from our family time this weekend to finish up:)  and lets face it, I'm a rambler, so I wanted to finish getting this stuff out!

....If you read my post last week, you know I haven't been taking time out for much.  My reflections have been brief, and mostly only happening while a moment I'm hoping to savor is going on.

There is so much to be grateful for in life - I need to do this more often!  It allows me to intentionally give praise to the Lord for all the beautiful (and not so beautiful) things in life, and to continue to be transparent and share my heart with anyone out there that's stopping in :)
  1. my hubby.  Thank you, Lord for blessing me with such an amazing man!  What would I do without this guy?!...seriously.  He puts up with my mixture of emotions, never thinking I'm a loon or dismissing my feelings (really, I asked him about that this weekend!)  He speaks love and encouragement to me, loves our family...i could go on and on, but I'm sure that's enough for y'all ;) - he really is more than I dreamed up in a hubby!  
  2. time of refreshment.  last week, i shared about refocusing...which lent itself to a time of refreshment for me, which was greatly wanted and needed both :)  I'm so glad we serve a God that is always waiting for us and ready to pour back in to us, when we come to Him asking for it!  Thank you for not turning away from us when we put you on the back burner. OH and a great thought I heard on the radio this am: you have not because you ask not...God is waiting for you to ask of Him so that He may provide for you!!
  3. family willing to help-a-sista-out.  Literal sistas: last week I had the opportunity to have coffee with Ann, where apparently I rambled on and on about different random things...and needed it!  Diane and Connie have also been ears for me as I've just talked randomness to Diane and called on Connie to listen, talk through things and she's kindly shared encouragement throughout the week as well.  Not literal sista - but mama ;0  Thanks, mom, for cleaning our house!  I have had such a hard time doing 'things' that need to be done, actually cleaning is last on my list...but I can scratch it off because you come and take care of it for me.
  4. I love when God's coming at you from different angels...just to make sure you get what He's trying to tell you :)  Great post on today, just regarding needing girlfriends!  I know I so need my girl time.  Before, it was as easy as a call/text/email to my friend Kimmy saying, "Chevy's after work?!"...or something along those lines :)  Now that everyone has kids and hubbies to attend to after a long day's work, it's not quite so easy :(
  5. answered prayer :) Again, regarding the hospital bill, most recently.  It allows us to open up and start praying like crazy for the next thing!  At this time, that is for both Tyler and I to be happy right where we are, without looking to what's next or could be each day fully - which will allow us more time to get in sync with where God's trying to lead us each day.  
  6. Beth Moore.  I just started my next study, A Woman's Heart - SO extremely excited!  Doing BM studies make me feel so incredibly smart, because we're learning from such a wise woman!  Can't wait to see how things change between now and March (we're doing 1 lesson over 2 weeks for us busy ladies to have time to get it all in)...and where it leaves me when it's all over!  YAY for a season of pruning, which I can definitely feel coming on. 
OK, That's enough chatter for now...want to get a few things done before Ms Emma wakes up again.  

A little treat for those that read to the end and put up with my randomness :)


NANI said...

:) I love that you are getting to do a Beth Moore study. Have you done one before? And two weeks is good per lesson. She has started to redo some of her studies and made them a bit more user friendly..;) for moms and busy people. A little less home time each day. :)
but she is a really good teacher.
I didn't realize until recently when looking for a new Bible study to purchase of hers...that there are people out there that don't like her and think she is teaching heresy in some areas... Satan doesn't want women in studies and loving God and their husbands and being content. There are just some people that spend their time causing trouble in the church. ;(
If you are in the Word during this study,( and YOU ARE) I am sure that there would be many more people seeing the error.. since it is the Holy Spirit teaching you through the Word.. and if Beth was in error there wouldn't be so many Godly women using her studies after all these years. ;)
Anyhow.. my bandwagon has arrived. :)
Emma is adorable... and getting so big already. She is very alert and happy looking.. or are you just missing the fussy times on purpose. :)

Aunt Nell said...

great post! Emma is a doll. You are an amazing mama. Enjoy Beth Moore. I need to buy some studies for me here!! <3 doing Esther!! :)
Happy week.