Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Emma's now even ;)

Well, today is what was given to me as my due date.  Today Ms Emma is also 6 weeks...so since she was born 6 weeks early, technically she is now even.  

When we were out and people would ask how old she was, they'd gasp at how small she was for that age, so we'd explain she was 6 weeks early, yadda yadda, we'd try to be funny and say 'she's negative X weeks'.  So, I guess now I'm trying to be funny by saying she's even now :)

The past 6 weeks have flown right by!  Amazing is probably the only word to describe it. 

So you may be guessing, by the fact that I'm writing, that today is a good day.  It's actually good day #2.  God has fixed Emma enough for me to not feel like I'm going nutty.  Yay.  this morning went so well that I got to work out for the first time since...um...November?!  like a real work out - the P90X (usually my 'workouts' consist of me going to the gym and getting on the elliptical machine...and that's about it).  We also went on a walk which put her to sleep, hence the free time.

Today we have another milestone.  Emma smiled at me - with it not being related to gas.  Nope she smiled at me while looking at me, while I was talking to her.  She can scream the rest of the day now, but nothing can bring me down from the feeling of her recognizing me and being happy with me enough to smile!  What a beauty ;0

Here's a cute little sleeping pic of her...
1.  she was laying on her tummy, and the white thing on the top left hand corner was to her right when she was put down.  She is such a wiggler!  She maneuvered herself in a different direction. She can even move herself when she's in a swaddle blanket with her arms all tied up!

2. she slept so peacefully I almost didn't want to wake her!  she also looked adorable sleeping ;)

OK, almost time for her to get back up!  Hope to have more good days this week so I can have some good pics and share them. 

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NANI said...

So glad that she is being nice to you today. :) She is so adorable in her sleep. ;) and I am sure that a real smile made up for a whole lot. She will start doing it more and more now. SO FUN. She is going to be a wiggly baby.
hugs to you. and her. and ty.