Friday, September 3, 2010

Emma is growing!

So, with our anniversary on Wednesday, and the huge blessing of Tyler being off from work with us...and the fact that this week is it (sad face), and he goes back to the grind on Tuesday, Mr Tyler decided to take Emma and I to Napa for a few days!

here she is in a new little outfit we dressed her in

...and a close up ;)

Emma and I at one of my new favorite places - the Ceja tasting room downtown Napa. Seriously, if you're ever in that area, it's a must stop place!

and last night, little Emma being held by Tia Diana at Tio Chico's bday party :)
She is just so much fun :) Her eyebrows are starting to get a little brown (they'd been blond up to this point), her eyes are dark yet clear blue, she's starting to smile more and just being more observant of noises and people. This am during our 5 o'clock feeding, she was super smiley and even giggled a bit...she actually didn't fall back asleep after the 8 o'clock feeding, so it was fun to just have her be around with us watching everything, yet not being fussy or anything :)

I have found myself calling her little nick-names: Emma-Lou and Emma Lou-Lou. Tyler and I have also both been calling her baby :)

I know everyone continues to say that times goes by so quickly and to enjoy her thoroughly...this morning, after realizing how much she's grown since the first time I held her, I wanted to just hire someone to take care of the house stuff for a year so I can just sit, observe and be with Emma during this year...ok, ok, I should be satisfied enough with the fact that I am currently not working ;) I know!

...Back I go to try to organize what we have in her room, and figure out what else we need to either add to our registry (so we can get the lovely discount) or buy to make her room complete! Hope y'all are having a great weekend!!

OH - and here's a sneak peak of the photo shoot we had yesterday with Megan!
...don't be surprised if we use one like this for the birth announcements that will be going out soon! :)

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Aunt Nell said...

What a sweet hubby you have and cousin I have!! ;) So sweet of Ty to take you away n relax for a weekend!! :) I can't believe how much Emma has grown too. Wow. Go girl ;) ADORABLE foto!!!! If you have extra I would love I can have updated fotos of everyone in my house!!!! :) <3 n miss you guys.