Saturday, June 18, 2011

Emma "napping"

I have been wanting to get it on video or picture, but Emma's recently discovered the slats in the crib, and the fact that she can: put her leg or foot through, her arm/hand, throw her  bear or socks out, etc. Lately when I come in to get her after a nap or in the AM she also will reach me and feel through the slats, rather than just putting her arms up to get out.  

Just a few minutes ago, she was kicking her leg through and then slowly laid down.  I figured she was gonna finally give in to sleep...but I kept hearing her jabber, so I went to check on her and this was what I found!

Come to find out, a messy diaper was keeping her from being able to go to sleep ;)  So she's clean now and just about out.  

...and that, folks, is Saturday before dinner ;0

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