Thursday, June 30, 2011


Some of you that dare to stay tuned on a 'ramble' day should know that I like to visit Lysa TerKeurst's blog and read Proverbs 31 Ministry devos when I can.  She introduced me to her pastor's wife's blog a couple of months back, which lead me to the Elevation Church website and I have shared a few of their sermons with you here.  Yes, I give background infos about 99.9% of the time:)

Last week, I skimmed one of Lysa's posts where she said she was going to be speaking at her church, and I thought 'cool'.  I thought maybe for an audience of women only, a ladies brunch perhaps.  Something I thought I'd have to be in the area for to catch.  When I checked out Holly Furtick's blog earlier this week (as she does a Monday morning commentary on the Sunday sermon), I saw she mentioned Lysa was the deliverer of Sunday's Sermon. Background infos concluded ;)

Finally this morning I got a chance to watch/listen - and she talked about so much, I wanted to share!  If you know her story of adoption, she goes in to far more detail her than she did on Oprah :)  Just a great message about our reactions determining our reach.

Click here to enjoy!

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