Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Photos-Lost / Moral of The Story....

Moral Of The Story

Please take heed of our story and always make sure you have multiple sources to data you hold dear (local/online).  We purchased this hard-drive as our backup storage (2TB), and sadly after 2 months it died.  Just the amount of time it took us to get ALL of our content on it.  The hard drive now spins up, and goes...."grrrrrrr-BEEP"...."grrrrrr-BEEP!"....so, unfortunately, it is a hard-drive with a terminal head-ache. (Head Crash (Wikipedia)

If any of you have pictures that have been either sent via email, or otherwise, I would like to go about gathering as much as we could back together.  Please let me know.   Thank you so much.

Sad Dad.

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Cathy/Nani said...

So so sorry.. I need to get a cord that allows me to download from my phone.. many pictures are saved to there.

and.. I need to figure out how to download from my camera. Haven't done it yet. :)
Need Connie.
Dad got a new computer so perhaps soon I can do the program that allows slides to be put on the computer. :)
I need a guru. Want to come? ;0
love you.