Monday, May 23, 2011

Sad, sad, sad...

Well...last week I mentioned in passing that the drive where our photos lived wasn't working.  


Tyler's been working on it since Friday, and it hasn't recovered.  I am 99.9% positive that all the photos will never be able to be retrieved.  

I've cried about it.  I've lost my appetite over it.  I've gotten sick to my stomach.  I even had Emma stay the night with my mom because I was just numb to everything when I realized the thing we'd gotten to keep them all 'safe' made them go away never to be seen again. 

Ever since my dad passed away, still shots of life have become my favorite things.  To capture moments, no matter how silly or normal, moments of firsts, moments of sweet and tender memories, creating something that I could 'always go back to, to relive' was what I had set out to do.  

I was taking at least 1 photo of Emma a day, in her first year of life.  A neat little something I'd heard from friends.  I was going to create a fun treat for some really special (to Emma) people.  I wanted her to be able to see how we'd documented her beautiful smile, her firsts, her moments, how she played and lived her days in the house here with us and life all around us.  

You may be reading this and thinking, "girl, their photos.  get over it.  you have life - live IN it".  And I've been telling myself that same thing over and over and over and over again.  

So, I won't be able to continue catching you up on the end of March through now.  You did get a peak of Emma's 9 month photo shoot at least ;) 

To be honest, I'm not sure I'll be snapping that camera for a while.  It makes me sad to even acknowledge it, so I've been ignoring it.  

I know, I've got some issues here.  I'm mourning ;(  Getting over it...but still sad.  I am very sorry for the family that has been relying on me to hold their precious memories as well.

Exhaling now....big sigh again...gonna go back to my precious little one and enjoy looking at her face today.  It changes so much so quickly...and I want to remember it just as it is and enjoy it in the day so I can look back on it with my eyes closed :)



oh! oh no!
I would totally be feeling the SAME way. sigh..have you tried taking it anywhere?? I know Tyler is the computer guru, but maybe he missed something?? Oh man. so sorry sis.
At least you have this blog, to show her the first year!:) I know that doesnt help, but i thought i would try.:) praying he finds them!!!

The McCormack Family said...

Oh no Connie! I am so so sorry! I had that happen when my laptop crashed, had pictures of several family functions and with my horse who died soon after... Irreplaceable special moments captured and lost. It took me a super long time to get over it. :( I totally understand. I hav now started uploading all pictures to Snapfish so at least I could print them out if my computer died... Hang in there!

Aunt Nell said...

Ouch ;( we totally knowhow you feel. Photos are incredible and irreplaceable. I would get a little sad thinking of the wedding fotos that were lost on Brent n Megans camera that we never got to see. Mostly of Jair n the guys and the main ceremony....and my dad couldn't find one of the tapes from our wewdding too..not sure if he found it, but it makes me sad as well, but then, like you said at least Jair and I are married and we have each other!! I'm soooooo sorry for the loss of ALL your fotos though. Praying they can be recovered some how, someway. Can't you use all the ones you've posted on here and sent in emails and resave them to a disk or cd or something? Hang in there. Enjoy Emmas adorable face and give her a kiss from me. Miss you guys terribly.