Friday, May 6, 2011

9 Months already!!

Oh me, oh my how time has flown by!  Emma is now 9 months...we're already talking 1st birthday party plans here people.  Seriously!  

Little girl is getting so big!  She's such a smiley baby.  Loves attention.  Laughs at just about anything and smiles at anyone that will look her way.  She eats absolutely everything, and especially enjoys eating anything that mommy is eating also.  Something about us eating out of the same plate I think.  She MUST have food on her table that she can feed herself, in addition to and pureed or spoon fed foods she's eating.  Spaghetti seems to be one of her favorites, which is great because since it's Tyler's favorite food we have it maybe every other week :)  Tonight (Tuesday) for dinner she had her first cheeseburger patty and man did she gobble that up!  She's sure to weigh at least 15 lbs by now, and she's starting to get a belly :)  (take that Dr that thinks my baby is too small)

Emma's standing up on everything, just for the sake of doing so :)  The second she wakes up (in the crib) she stands up...and if it takes us too long to grab her up, she starts chewing on the wood - YUCK! - and gets brown (paint?) chips on her mouth and wherever her slobber takes it to :)  Since she's a pro at standing, she's starting to get daring, trying to cross over from one place to another when items are close by, although that isn't a new 'trick' as of yet.  Most of the time she ends up on her bottom during the attempt.  She is, however, starting to mosey down from one end of something to the other!  

Her laugh just makes you smile from ear to ear to hear it.  Even at 6 AM :)  She loves to see daddy come home from work each evening, and gets super excited to see visitors come through the door throughout the day (is she sick of mommy and me only time already?!)

What else, what else?...Oh yeah, she's super chatty.  She likes to talk A LOT.  She mumbles mama and papa - and we know that SOON those sounds will be words with meaning behind them.  

She loves to be around other kids.  She gets excited to just see them as we pass by them on a walk!  She'll start talking to them and wanting to play anytime she sees another little person :)  Emma's also super observant.  When we are on walks, or she looks out the window in the car, she will just gaze out at everything passing by her.  Sometimes she'll get fixated on something and her little head/eyes will follow it as long as it can.

I think that's a pretty good-sized update on what Emma's like these days.  And all the words should prepare you for ALL THE PICS I have to show!  I will include a link to the full album, but there are so many adorable shots!  I'll try to resist from posting too many here...we'll see how that goes :)  

Oh..and my faves :)
(daddy's hat and glove, mommy's cleats and ball)
Almost like a father's day shoot - in her cute little giants outfit :)  
To see all the pics, click here (well, I uploaded most of them anyway)

Hope you enjoyed this Emma update! :)



i love them all. she is super cute. can't wait to hold her again!:)
Great update!:)

Cathy/Nani said...

Such a cute little Emma baby. She is growing so well. Silly Dr. ;)

Matthew and Charrie said...

Oh my goodness...these pictures are so incredibly adorable! I love them all - Great job Daddy and Mommy! Can't believe she's 9 months...can't wait for us all to be together at Christmas!

Cathy/Nani said...

My sisters had teeth marks at the bottom of my mom's piano where they would crawl over and teeth on the leg. :)
little tiny teeth marks.

Cathy/Nani said...

I meant teethe

Aunt Nell said...

These are adorable. Love her Giants gear. Precious. Miss you guys.