Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Red Red Wine

Nope - I didn't have any, no worries :) ...What an amazing month September has been! For our anniversary, I gave Tyler a calendar about our anniversary month, with things planned for us throughout the weeks of September. Of course we were on our cruise the first week, and when I gave him the calendar. The following week we found out that we were expecting (not on the calendar!), then we had a couples massage I had scheduled where we learned different things we can do for each other when Tyler's getting a migraine, our backs hurt, just to relax, etc. Followed by a Tuesday night date-night to see UB40. I didn't realize how much Tyler loved them...I know all their big hits, but when we got the Gallo's fall schedule and Tyler pointed out their concert in there, I decided to get him some tickets for that show. What a blast it was!!
We didn't realize that the lead singer had swapped himself out with a brother of his (new lead/bro above), nor did we know that Maxi Priest (a smooth voice from the 80's - below) was touring with them. We had some amazing seats and had a really great time!! We didn't have the big camera with us, just my little one that I keep in my purse, so these shots aren't the best, but wanted to share them!! this was Tyler's anniversary gift :) Wasn't sure what else to do since we were already going on our trip! What a neat show they put on - and what incredibly comfortable seating in the theatre :) Thanks, Thomas! :)
10/10 we're headed to another concert....NKOTB :) I know, I know...I'm a child of the 80's - what can I say?! I loved those guys!! We'll let you know how that show goes too.

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Keisha Suzanne said...

It sounds like a memorable month for each of you... Let the good times roll!
I'm so happy for your (both) I only wish I still saw you face to face to see and hear more details of your lives... ;(
Keep the posts, a com'n.. for those of us who have some miles inbetween us.
Congrats once on again on the little one... ;0
xx keisha