Monday, September 22, 2008


OK, so you've gotten my emails, and you've heard Tyler and I talking about it since late June when we were able to catch the preview...and now it's time! Opening weekend is just a few days away, and you can now have the opportunity to check out what we've been talking about.

Here are some reasons to check out this movie:

  1. Kirk Cameron - I was a HUGE Growing Pains fan; you know you were too!...seriously, 12th bday got to go see a taping with my mom and sister! Kirk is still as adorable as he was in the 80's... and he's even better now that he's acting for a purpose!
  2. Great 'date-night' movie - the wife will love it, and the hubby will get brownie points for taking her to see it! (and I bet he'll like it too!)
  3. Support a faith-based movie - not many faith-based movies make it to a national market. By seeing this movie, you can support the church that is producing it, as well as giving it an opportunity to stay in the theatres for a bit so that many people can be blessed and have their lives touched by watching this movie!
Who should see this movie?
  • single
  • dating
  • engaged
  • married - with struggles
  • married - no struggles
    I believe it will really speak to you at any stage
Tyler and I were touched when we saw the movie; differently since our pasts are a bit different. Nonetheless it did make an impact on each of us. We both have a passion to encourage healthy marriages, and it weighs tremendously on my heart to reach out to people about marriage. It takes a daily conscious effort to make a marriage strong and healthy. Take too many 'breaks' and you never know where you will find yourself. The message of this movie is to not give up; stay strong...but ultimately know the One that can offer you true, unconditional love and share that love with your spouse.
So...I'll leave this as my last 'reminder'. We will be watching the 7:30 show at Brenden on Friday. We'd love nothing more than to run in to family and friends there! Or call/email us and we'll meet up just before going in. For those outside of the Modesto area, you can find a listing of theatres that will be showing the movie HERE!

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