Monday, September 15, 2008


We are overjoyed to share the news that we have recently learned: we are expecting our first child! I'm either in my fifth or sixth week (the online calendars are not consistent!).

Here's a little pic that we sent to our immediate Boyd family :)

My sister allowed us to use her bday bbq as an announcement time with some family...

What a nice sister, huh?! Last year she shared her bday and let us have our reception on that day :) and this year, she shared it with the news.
One more formal 'announcement' to go with some more family this weekend!
Yeah for big families!
We are reading through everything we can find online, and through books to get up to speed on how our little sesame seed is doing :) This is just all so amazing, and the excitement is wonderful. Funny how you love rubbing on your belly as soon as you find out there's something growing in there!!

We had an appointment at Kaiser on Friday, learning about the hospital and a few things about pregnancy. We also got to have an unexpected ultrasound...and got to see our little 'sack' in there. We have our first official appt with the mid wife this Friday, 9/26 (same day that the FIREPROOF movie comes out - go check it out!)...we'll keep ya posted on how it's all going!

Until next time!

Connie, Tyler and little one :)

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I LOVE your belly pic...priceless!