Thursday, September 11, 2008


What an amazing time my handsome husband and I had in Mexico - and on the cruise!! It was quite an experience. We packed a whole lot in the first several days, and did lots of R&R on the final two :)

We enjoyed doing some fun activities on the ship. We decided to do a few dance classes (Jenn - this is for you!). Here is Tyler working on is dance moves :) - Can you believe he was up front?! We also did a 'Salsa y Salsa' class when we were in Mazatlan. In that class we made delicious salsa (6 kinds!) but the dance portion of the class was truly tragic. About half way through, I think about half of our class was sitting out because they just couldn't follow the teacher. Of course, I got a chance to talk with her after class and gave her a few tips for teaching dance :)

This picture shows Tyler's disappointment when he asked for a bigger hat :)
and this shot was for the view that we had.

We did some walking in Cabo...while walking through town we found a fruit cart! YUMMY...should you ever see one of these in Mexico (or even LA!) you gotta buy some - and ask for it with chile and lemon (for locals, they also sell it out in the country in Modesto during the summer)

In Puerto Vallarta, we started off our day at 7:15AM to go swim with the dolphins...what
an experience that was!! The first pic is the pool that we were in with them, and then there's Tyler and I dancing with them - it was an unreal experience.
Then we went horseback riding...Tyler's horse was tiny! I think Tyler's toes could touch the ground while on him ;) And my horse had a mind of its own - as Tyler was getting ready to take this pic, my horse decided to gallop away :)...after riding horses, we had dinner and show. Here's someone we met during our excursions who went up on stage and learned to work the lasso.
We were blessed to have met such neat people on the ship! Our dinner crew, and Ashleigh (above) and her hubby Matt, who we played some trivia with - and won once:)

This vacation was amazing! We had a wonderful time together...looking forward to our next anniversary trip :)

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I am so glad you got to go. Looks like great fun! You two are stinkin' gorgeous by-the-way!