Saturday, September 20, 2008

O'Connors in town

It had been a year since their last visit, when they were in town for our reception. Crystal, Jason & the boys were in town this past week and it was great to have them over to our home. I quickly realized (after Jacob asked) that we do not have toys in our home! Of course that will change soon :) But for this visit, the boys were on their own for entertainment!

Derek was flipping his hat trying to get it to land on his head - he did it at least once!
All three boys were 'bowling' with a tai chi ball that we had and some bottles of vitamins :)
Tyler...well...was pretending to have an eye patch?! I'm really not too sure what's going on here :)
I have to say that Crystal and Jason have done a fine job of raising very well mannered, well versed, great kids! I love to hear them talk like little adults...and hear them say excuse me and talk in 'inside' voices. We were able to get some great advice on parenting from Jason.

Grandma and Grandpa put together a gathering out at a park in Ripon, so we all headed out there on Thursday.Julie, Crystal and Casen (hope I'm spelling it right!)
Kimberly with her new puppy! They couldn't wait for their baby - they needed something to play with now!! :)
PEACH FUZZ - Jacob got a nickname from Grandpa on this trip. He's such an adorable little boy!
Brooke playing with Kayla - and Kayla stopping to smile for the camera.
Sorry Aunt Kim - this is the only pic we got of you!

Uncle Mike chatting it up with Julie and Curtis.

Grandma and Jared look like they're having an intense convo there...
This shot says 'I'm really in charge' here to me :)
We're hoping to get to see you guys at the airport while you're in San Francisco - one last time before you head out to the Philippines!

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