Saturday, June 20, 2009

More graduations, birthdays and relaxing :)

So last time we shared pics from Alex's graduation and Chris' confirmation. In the last few weeks there has also been:

Robert's graduation - he is our friends Hilda & Bobby's son. He actually graduated from the same high school as Alex - so we got to share with this with both of them :)

(love that sequence of pics!) We also went to his graduation party last weekend.

My friend Cindy turned 30...and we had a way fun birthday party for her.

Scavenger hunt like we used to in HS and more :)

the sobriety check point we encountered during the scavenger hunt...but they just let us through :)

...Cindy is actually the reason we know Hilda & Bobby, as Bobby is her brother, and Hilda and I became buddies as bridesmaids in Cindy's wedding...shower & bachelorette party planning, hanging at the wedding, baby shower planning ...we (Tyler and I) get to see H&B quite often for work, as their girls are a part of a cheer program that attends lots of our events.

Cindy with her beautiful baby Dylan at Robert's grad party

...and a nice flash back photo of us in the limo on our way to John & Cindy's wedding :)

We got to celebrate Shanelle's birthday a couple of weeks ago, and that was a nice evening out :)

Coleson not enjoying being with Tyler :)

Gavin enjoying desert!
the beautiful birthday girl
Cora's din-din time

And we've also had a few hours here and there to just hang out at home. Last week (when we started this - a couple weeks now:) ), we called Indiana and caught all of Connie & Tyson's little ones hanging out with grandma. Here's Tyler talking to Cassie & Max. Wish we could have had you guys over for our BBQ that night!

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