Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tio Martin

When we were done in So Cal for the wedding (posted last week), we took the opportunity to see one of my dad's brothers that lives in Hemet. The last time I'd been down there to see him was a couple of months after my dad passed away, so it'd been a few years.

On our drive over, we ran in to some fun street signs!

...we were only missing Boyd st/blvd - we're still keeping our eyes out when we're driving about!

Tio Martin shared some new stories that I hadn't heard before...
...he was in the service. Got to hear about my grandpa Macario (I've never really heard anything about him and never got the chance to meet him) and a little bit about my Nana too.

Tyler made a friend :) He's so great with kids!! This is their granddaughter who stays with them while mom is in school.

of course, we have our pics with him
Tyler loves to get to talk with my uncles and get to know them and also my dad through them.
That was our short and sweet visit since we headed back home after being there for a few hours....it's always so great to get to see my uncles - i watch how they talk, move, sit - whatever - and love to find similarities between them and my dad :)

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