Friday, June 18, 2010

Calling all the mamas out there

Hello ladies. I have been meaning to do this for some time now and just haven't!

I think I mentioned earlier this week that we have not purchased a single item for the baby yet...we've looked around at things like cribs and a few others, but that's the extent of our window shopping at this time. As we are getting ready to venture in to this new world, I would love to get advice from anyone willing to give it regarding all baby items.
  • what works - must have
  • what doesn't - don't waste your money on it
  • what could you not have made it without
  • what are good little bonuses - made things nice (or would have) but not a necessity
...and anything else you feel would be good for us to check in to or know about! If you could also include the brand that you recommend, since we know there are options out there for just about everything - that would be awesome.

ALSO - if you're at a stage in your child's life where you don't need something (or soon to be)and are OK with lending or leasing it out to us - let us know! We definitely don't need brand new everything. This also goes out for any maternity clothes :) Anything you're not using for the next 4 months or wanting anymore - let me know!

So please feel free to shoot your info over to me. If you have a friend that could help us out with this info as well, we're OK with receiving info from anyone!

Have a great weekend!! And Happy Father's Day out there to all the daddy's of the world :)



Could not live without: swing.FOR SURE. It doesnt even matter what brand, but battery operated and without the pole across the top is best..and maybe that swings side to side...oh how I wish I had all my stuff to loan you!
#2. boppy pillow for nursing..they are SO nice, esp. when you are trying to figure things out.:)
#3. When your baby is old enough to sit up, a saucer( we had evenflo) is AWESOME. One with lots of toys and fun things to look at= mommy can move it into the bathroom and take a shower.:)... this would go on and on I we should talk.:)

wasnt needed: a bouncy seat..just one more thing to take up space.

Dani F. Boyd said...

Ok, I know I'm not a mommy, but Jess told me that it's not very necessary to spend a lot of money with high chairs. There is one that they sell at Ikea that costs only 20 dollars and works better than the fancy ones. All because it's made of plastic and it's really easy to clean. Yeah, that's all I know! LOL

Alma V. said...

Congratulations to both on your new baby! I am very excited for you. You guys did an AWESOME job on this web site! I have quite a few things from my two boys that you guys can definetly borrow. I was holding on to them just in case.... But you are more than welcome to come by and see what you like and what might work for you. I have from maternity clothes to crib and beddings. Please call me and we can arrange some time that works for you! Personal items that you will need for the baby are: nail clippers, nose suckers (I recommend at least 2), onesies(lots), burping cloths, towels (at least 3), bath tub (basic one with a slider and a sponge bear), wash cloths, shampoo/body wash (the foam one! so much easier), baby comb or brush,baby powder.... and a few more things. Talk to you later! God Bless Your New Baby!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! it's amazing that a little being needs A LOT of stuff! crazy..... Important things are DIAPERS :), baby products such as medicine, nail clippers, etc., bath essentials, onesies, clothes, towels and the rest of the things are nice to have -really! I have a few things you can borrow so I will keep you posted once I find out where they are at!! haaa...
Talk to you soon, hugs! Lorena

Anonymous said...

I know we never got a diaper changing station or pad and were absolutely fine without. I usually changed Lyla on the bed or floor anyway.

The nursing blankets with neck tie were handy for a girl like me. I tried using a normal blanket when I forgot my nursing one and what difficulty. Even if you hide, it is convenient.

Clothes...keep the receipts. I had stuff Lyla never even wore or only wore once cause we had some many of the same size.

A swing of some sort is very helpful.

Some like the cribs that convert. That is what we got, but others don't care if the plan on getting a twin bed right away. I like the converting cause it will be a perfect mini day bed in a few months.

Oh and cute for decor but I hardly use the actual bedding yet. We use light and thick blankets instead.

Hope this helps and I'm sorry it is so random and scattered.

Anonymous said...

You don't need the biggest& best stroller, the lightest and with a cup holder is best. We loved the baby nightgowns for middle of the night diaper changing. A pack n play or bassinet is nice 2 put in your room for the first couple of weeks& traveling. I would stock up on blankets especially cute& soft ones, they always get dirty. Make sure you have baby/kid music for the car, surprisingly they know the difference& it really helps. A good diaper bag is essential. Also I would keep a tub stocked in the trunk of emergency items: diapers, wipes, pacifiers, trash bags, clothes& a if your going out for the whole day an outfit for you- they manage to get you dirty also. Oh one last thing if you breast feed, you will NEED breast pads, your tatas leak like faucets for the first couple of months.-luv-abe

Amy Boyd said...

Things I couldn't live without:

a rocking chair with ottoman,

a cd player for soft music to put him to sleep,

baby gas drops!!!!

baby sleep sack (HALO) brand

Desitin Max (40% zinc)

and Pampers Swaddlers SENSITIVE (a line appears when the diaper is wet)

Congrats and best of luck!


Anonymous said...

Here were/are some of my faves:
- Pampers Swaddlers up til size 1 or 2. The other brands just weren't as leakproof or comfy enough.

- Pack'n'Play that has a bassinet & co-sleeper on top. We used for first few months in our room, then moved into her room as bassinet, & recently took it as a playpen on our travels!

- Swing! Something mechanical (even better is one that does both battery/AC plug-in) and not too big. The little travel swings work nicely. Lifesaver!

- Portable high chair. I'm huge on not taking a lot of space, so one of the cheap portables that straps to a dining chair is fantastic.

- FP Little Superstar Singalong Stage! I highly recommend this as a great developmental toy. Savannah used it to help her sit on her own and pull up onto things. Perfect height, fun lights/sounds, greatly interactive.

- One lightweight stroller that's compatible w/ an infant carseat is all you need! I bought 2 stroller setups (a snap n' go & jogging stroller) before finding the perfect option. I love our Graco LiteRider stroller! It's easy to fold one-handed, takes up a small space in my trunk, packed w/ features I wanted & is Graco carseat compatible.

- A bottle warmer is a nice-to-have, but a coffee mug of water heated in the microwave works just as well, if not faster.

- Babies are not created equal. Don't invest in a ton of specific items (pacifiers, bottles, swaddlers/sleepsacks) until you know what your baby might like. Try one of something and see if it works.

- Don't bother investing in an expensive infant carseat. You have them for such a short amount of time. I wanted something I could get the most bang for my buck out of, so I went with one that went up to 30lbs rear facing. Initially I thought this made sense cause she won't be 30lbs for a while... but, by the time she hit 15lbs I was so over taking that infant carseat in/out of the car, we switched to a convertible!

WHOA! That was way longer than I'd planned. Whatever you do will be fantastic! It's a learning experience for sure. I'm so excited for you guys! Incredible things to come. :o)