Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random outings

For Christmas, I got Tyler tickets to the King Tut. We decided to try to make a trip to San Francisco to it by leaving early (right after church) and trying to hang out a bit at Golden Gate Park...HOWEVER, we were in so much traffic, instead we decided to enjoy the scenery from the freeway because instead of having a few hours to hang before our time to enter the exhibit, we got there oh about 20 minutes before it started (can you say far too much traffic?!)

check out this crazy raffle!

...and Dennis makes uniforms :)
almost missed it but this was a random statue made of like nails, chains and whatnots that we drove by.
and Tyler, super excited about everything he had just seen.

It was so neat to look through all the artifacts they had, and to read through all the information. It was also interesting to see a timeline that included Xerxes and Nebuchadnezzar - doing the Esther and Daniel studies really allowed me to get a better appreciation for what I was seeing (instead of just being there because it was something Tyler wanted to do :) )...

And then there was prom. Two of our friends own a dance studio and long story short...several of their seniors missed prom to be in a competition, so they decided to throw them one. They asked Tyler if he'd take pictures of the evening.

And my awesome husband knows how much I loved high school, and all the dances...and that I get sad for him that he missed out on proms! He asked me if I'd go to prom with him - and I said absolutely!!

They set up a full on backdrop for everyone to take traditional prom pics. Here are our prom pose pics :)

This one is: we're pregnant at prom.

This is Hollie and I. Hollie is one of the studio owners.

And here are both Hollie & Heather (the sisters that own the studio), and their dad :)
We had such a blast that night...stayed out late and all :) Ahhhh...good times!!

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I love that he asked you to prom...totally adorable.
You have one romantic hubby.:)
And you, my dear, look absolutely FABULOUS.