Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beautiful Wedding

Not only am I a sucker for weddings, but I've been hearing about this adorable love affair between John & Monica for 2 years now (they've been together longer, but I met Monica 2 years ago)...loved hearing about getting details set for the wedding (although I never really knew specifics, so the wedding itself to me was a complete surprise) and it was just such a neat event to witness for so many reasons!!

The post that I put up recently (about our active child) that displayed some amazing talent at the wedding happened here! So, while I know that the majority of you do not known these two lovebirds, I just had to share a little of our evening with them, with you!

The bride was absolutely breathless. She looked like a model...well, I guess since she does print ads she is one - but still :)

As you can see, the color was purple - my favorite color :) Even their puppy was all dressed up for the event!
Tyler took a pic of one of their framed pics they had out. They took some really great pics that they had displayed throughout the wedding spots.

I loved the purple flower decor that she had - you can barely see it here, but she had some beads hanging from the top here...
and the center pieces were just gorgeous!
The happy couple

The location was a gorgeous place on a hill, so there were several levels available to the wedding... they house wild animals (Tyler only ventured off to get a pic of 1 :) )...amazing scenery - wish we'd have gotten more photos!

Here's a link to Rancho Las Lomas, where the wedding took place. There are a few more pics there, and also if you're looking to get married near Orange County, look them up!

...and our clan :) This was the gang that was there from JAMZ :)...minus Tyler, unfortunately. While we were there socially, he was asked to be taking pics throughout the event :(
The gorgeous cake - I loved the feel of Alice and Wonderland to it...or at least that's what it made me think of.
...and the fun with the cake

...and our evening ended as it was dancing at cocktail time. Generally, would be a fun time however, we left to go hang out with some family in Huntington Beach, since we were so nearby.

Ok, that's 2 of 4 weddings for 2010! Next weddings are in August and December (yay I get to be a bridesmaid 1 more time!!) I so love weddings.

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