Monday, June 21, 2010

Rocket Run

On Saturday, we (my sisters, mom and I) decided to do a rocket run down to Huntington Beach. We visited with my Tia Annie and cousin Cynthia and her fam...and enjoyed the area and the trip a bit.

A little background. Tia Annie was married to my Uncle Alex. Whenever we'd go down to visit my grandma or make a trip down to El Centro, we'd stop and stay with her on the way down and back, since it was a nice break kind of half way.

I had to take a shot of 'Norms' - this is where I remember going to breakfast almost every time we were there. I'm pretty sure that's the only place I've seen these.

Sometimes, my dad would just leave the house early and go get some Winchell's doughnuts and we'd have breakfast at the house. Tia Annie was wanting some doughnuts so we went out to get her some :) They were quite'd been a while since any of us had any doughnuts from Winchell's.

Sweet memories :)

...we met up with Cynthia, George and their girls 'for lunch' :) George was wanting some Shakey's pizza...we found one '5 miles' away, but i think it took us 20 minutes to get there - so it was an adventure for sure.
the cousins ;)
and the girls
and Tia Annie...sweet Tia Annie.
Sadly, she's suffering from dimension so she doesn't remember us - well, she DID recognize my mom when we pulled up :) That, I'm sure, is a nice feeling for my mom :)

...we took a break at the beach before heading back home

So that was our day on Saturday. Quick trip to so cal for lunch and some hang time :)

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