Friday, June 11, 2010


I think I (unintentionally) got back at the baby today for all the crazy movement that has been taking place. Last night it was even more crazy, I was laying on my side while we watched a movie and the part of my belly that was on the bed was 'the spot' that it was quite possibly trying to come through. It felt more like some punching going on, not so much tumbling!! ...I know, I know, just wait till later on this summer when it's bigger and all crammed in my tummy and body parts start poking through.

So, anyhow, I tried out a yoga class this morning :) I was doing as much of the class as I could,which had me in all different kinds of fun positions - several of them including some upside down motions for the baby :) I didn't think about that until afterwards...but the class was lots of fun! I think I will make it a weekly thing.

No, I wasn't looking for a way to get back at this active person. Just felt like I intruded on it's 'home' and shook it all up this morning! But hey, I feel better after my work out, so it should too, right?! :)

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Dani F. Boyd said...

Hey!!! Thanks for the visit. Your blog is fun, love the pictures!

And yeah, feel a little person moving inside you must be an amazing feeling!