Monday, June 14, 2010

Mother's Day

We had an interesting Mother's Day - well choice of meal :) We went to Jura's with my mom, sisters and their families. You wouldn't guess that would be the choice for the meal, but I guess if it filled everyone up and was a good meal, that's all that counts, right?!

Here we are just sitting around.

Tyler and I gave my mom a photo book of her surprise 60th birthday pictures. For some reason, she just thought that the cover picture was just hilarious!!

It ended up being the year for photo albums. We ended up making one for Crystal with pics from the pregnancy, shower, birth, and Isaiah's first day home.
...and here's Isaiah!

While I don't feel like it was Mother's day for me (just doesn't feel real without the baby actually here)...I did get a few wishes :) Tyler had some gorgeous flowers sent to work for me...

...and apparently this is what Mother's day will be like from now on - as you see me cleaning in the background :)

nice and full sink there ;) ... I can't wait until next year's Mother's Day!! We'll have our little one here with us, and it will feel legit ;)

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