Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our active child

Several weeks back, I mentioned being able to feel the baby - which has been super exciting. About 2-3 weeks ago the movement got so much stronger (and of course more frequent) that Tyler's finally been able to feel it as well.

On May 14th we went to a wedding (absolutely gorgeous, will post pics later). The wedding was of two of our JAMZ staffers, one of which is famous for his tumbling skills. During the wedding - after dinner/before the dancing - they had a little show off time for the groom and his buddies...they all entertained us with their amazing tumbling skills. During this time, although I know it's dark for the baby and it couldn't possibly have seen anything, I feel like it was mimicking what was going on right inside my belly! Ever since then, this child has several tumbling sessions throughout the day - including right now as I sat here doing my I thought I would share.

Here's what I feel like is going on in my belly. This is actually footage from our Vegas event, and the star is the groom from a few weeks ago :) Enjoy!

Here's a link I actually found to the wedding! please excuse the language in the description :)
***A GAME - like where's waldo - can you find us?! :)

Boy or girl, mom will give gym lessons at home since she happens to have taught little tykes gym classes in high school and a bit in college:) ... until it's time to take real lessons - I feel the talent building now :)

So, I'm hoping this little person understands that it can't move around this much for too much longer. If it does, it may just pop out a side of my belly!

That's my smile for the day.


Aunt Nell said...

wow...that MUST feel crazy!! :) I saw some more of him! Dang. HES GOOD!! I bet that wedding was a blast!! Can't wait for tomorrow!!<3 you mama n tumbling baby!! :)

Aunt Nell said...

WOW!! That is CRAZY. He can jump!! Brave wifey!! :) I spotted you n Ty on the left! ;) What a fun wedding!


enjoying your music as I write!:)
That was amazing! I CANNOT wait to feel that baby flippin!:)I hope you dont mind your sis-in-law touching your baby belly, cause I may not be able to help myself!:)