Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's official!

It's official - we're back from our training weekend and I no longer have to go in to the office (I do have some projects I need to finish up, but I get to do them at my leisure!). I think it will sink in by next week considering how incredibly exhausted I still am from the weekend!

We left for Santa Ana on Wednesday after working a half day and worked that night, ALL DAY Thursday - Monday at noon. I think the earliest we got to our room was 10 PM each night...except Sunday night I was crawling in to bed at 2 AM (from work, not hanging out!) Typically, I would be used to this type of schedule, however, this little girl was used to having 1 day off in between each 8 hour work day, so it was a challenge. Not just the work aspect but crying each day.

The office had a dinner for me on Thursday. Super cute - the girls wore short black wigs and everyone wore purple. We didn't get many pics, but I'll post a few in the weeks to come.

I got a precious gift -that oddly enough, 2 days prior I was just telling Tyler how I'd love to have one of these! They got me a charm bracelet from Tiffany it's the toggle bracelet with these four charms: 'Love' to represent Tyler; a heart to represent my dad; a crown to represent how I used to call myself the queen (they still refer to me that way :) ); and a bear to represent the baby. Super cute.

Going in to this weekend, only the office staff new of me leaving. The first announcement was made to our staff on Friday - in our small group of directors, followed by me giving a speech on Saturday to our Head Instructors (the leaders)...I cried on Sunday at the end of the day as I gave my close of day words, because the talent in the company has finally gotten all around where I've been striving to get it - I won't bore you with details since not many of you are in to the cheer and dance specifics :) - then of course on Monday. Tyler made a slide show for myself and two boys that I share the 13 year milestone with...but of course for me it was like watching my time with the company before my eyes knowing this was it. OH my goodness. I'll try to post it if I can get it from Tyler.

Thank you for your prayers over this past weekend! I felt them, that is for sure.

So here I am - as mom mom and sister say, I've joined the retired club :) I said before, I'm not just planning to not go back to work (somewhere). I will continue to pray about that. BUT for the time being I'm going to focus on our home, the baby, and adjust once the baby does come to whatever life God has in store for me at that point.

So...if any one's up for coffee, breakfast, lunch, going on a walk, taking a dip in the pool or laying out - daily schedule is now completely open :) Praise God...and thank you to my husband who wants me to just sit at home, relax and catch up on my soaps (ok, he's probably teasing about that).

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Aunt Nell said...

yeahhhhhhhhhhh! Congrats! It feels GREAT doesnt it! God is good! What a blessing it is to experience this time in your life ( and mine too ) I feel ya on the crying. It was emotional for me too! Everyone at graduation was crying too. I didn't see one dad/uncle/grandpa etc with dry eyes either! Good times. Great memories. And joy for a new chapter in our lives!! Totally looking forward to Friday and any other day we get to hang out!! Relax and enjoy your soaps because YOU DESERVE IT!!

<3 you girl. Glad you are home!!!