Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pregnancy & personal update

I haven't really shared too much about the pregnancy since I've been trying to catch up on the pics. That and I forget there are so many family and friends I don't see or talk to regularly to keep updated (if you don't call and ask, I don't think about sharing...not rudely, my mind just moves on).

SO, here's the latest. I had a Dr appointment last Wednesday. Apparently I've gained 20 pounds since my first appointment. Although the largest weight gain occurred between the first two appointments, it is at this time that my doctor brings it to my attention that I should be watching what I eat...and oh by the way, working out too. Sadly, that comment is stuck in the back of my head even though I know I only gained 4 pounds during the 6 weeks between the last 2 appointments :) And of course, now that I have this 'warning' I'm feeling hungry 24/7. Quite interesting how that works!

The last two appointments have just been check ups. Got to listen to the heart beat. According to the doctor, it's rather fast, so her prediction (which she states is by all means not 100% accurate) is GIRL. :)

Next appointment: the dreaded diabetes check :)

Last month we also had the sonogram where they made sure the bone structure was all there and progressing 'normally'. In case you haven't heard or asked, we did not find out what we aer having, nor are we going to. Apparently that appointment was our 'one and only' opportunity to do so. I think after the miscarriage and the wait of even getting pregnant this time around has really brought on a different appreciation for this pregnancy. We're just overjoyed that the Lord has brought this life to us and it really doesn't matter to us what it is. We love it regardless :)

We have registered for our birthing class and are also signing up for some other fun classes (did I just refer to a birthing class as fun?!) that Kaiser offers.

With my 2 days off a week, I don't think I'd realized how tired I've been over the past few months. Last week, in trying to recuperate from a long weekend (will post about that later), it was tough to get myself to be productive...but I drug myself up to do things. I feel bad to know Tyler's at work. I cringe at the thought of having the following convo: TYLER "what did you do today" CONNIE "nothing" :) So I try to cross as many things off of my to-do list as I can each day I'm home.

I haven't really had any cravings either...which is probably good for the weight gain issue. Unless the desire to lay in bed and do nothing all day is a craving?!

Tomorrow is my last day of work - in the office. We'll be heading to Santa Ana for our annual training...which is my last hurrah. 13 years with the same company. 4 years seasonal and part-time, 8 1/2 years full time (apparently 12 1/2 years). Although the Lord's been working out for me to identify myself with him and not this job, it's still a tough thing to swallow. I will no longer be 'Connie with JAMZ' (cue tears)...please pray for me. This is going to be such an emotional 6 days for me - Tyler's packing our own box of tissues and I think I might go get some waterproof mascara.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.



I love that you ended with my life verse. It's my favorite and the last one I remember memorizing for my grandpa for the coveted silver dollar.:) And, i am praying for you sweet sister! DO NOT WORRY about the weight. you look amazing, and i am sure as soon as that little GIRL ( or boy) is out of you, you wont even look like youve been pregnant!:)

Aunt Nell said...

You are beautiful. I agree...dont listen...well listen, but dont let it get you down. You look amazing!! You are carrying a baby! :) <3 your foto. Love seeing her....or him ;) growing!! Praying the diabetes test goes well! <3 you girl. HAPPY NO MORE WORK!!! I may have to come over and keep you company ;)