Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Since I'm still catching up, I thought I would combine both mine and Tyler's bday outings and share them together.

Apparently we love to plan surprise trips for one another :) for my bday, Tyler took us away to Monterrey after work on Friday and we stayed at a neat little bed and breakfast there. Saturday we spent a little time down by the beach and headed over to Canary Row for a little walk.

Sadly, since this was during the time of the horrific nausea...we didn't do too incredibly much :(

aww...cute shadow pic :)
Tyler wrote me a message with sticks...
...my romantic husband :) So we decided to do another shadow pic with the message...we're silly, but at least we entertain one another.

But praise God for feeling better! For Tyler's bday, I had us go up to Tahoe for the weekend! That was great fun since he'd never been! Now that we have a GPS, it was SO MUCH FUN to type in the address and have Tyler just follow the directions -without a clue as to where he was headed!

He kept guessing for a while but when we were heading in a direction he wasn't familiar with, he gave up :)...anyhow, with Tyler's excitement of going somewhere new and me feeling better, we got tons more pics of this trip.

Not sure really what I was doing in this pic - well, what kind of pose it is...other than just looking large! :)

The mountains still had snow on them and the scenery was just beautiful.

Saturday night, we took about an hour drive around the Lake to Tahoe City where we shared Tyler's favorite desert - Hula Pie...mmmm....so nice that you don't have to go all the way to Hawaii to have this when you want some!

Sunday we decided to take a little trip on the gondola. Here's the mountain it took us to the top of...
...and on our way up...
...they had a platform that you can walk along and see the beautiful view. Neither of us have been skiing so had never had such a view...gorgeous!!

...and then...Monday - the birthday DAY :) Tyler got THREE cakes!
YUMMY coldstone cake from work
a yummy homemade one from Blair and Chrisand one from Ann & Jessica...just incase the home made one wasn't too tasty :) (it looked questionable - but was good!) of course it was yummy too!

YAY for birthdays!



My lovely sister, you are adorbale.
And what fun birthdays. Mom said we are going to have a big birthday dinner for everyone who's birthday we missed.:)


adorbale...nice.:) ADORABLE.

Aunt Nell said...

<3 it! you guys are so much fun! Love to see how in love you both are. I appreciate you both so much and love you dearly! love seeing that belly grow!! ;) hottie mommy!

PS what is the name of that marriage book you told me about...I talked about it tonight...but can't remember the name. Jair and I wanna get it! ;)