Saturday, May 22, 2010

Family Time

Slowly but surely, I'm catching up! I started this post at the beginning of the month! Where did the time go?! We've been busy with Mother's day, being out of town, and prepping for my LAST WEEK at work :)

I posted a few pics when Crystal and Jason were in town - just of the t-shirt coloring night :) Not that they were here for too long...we sure did enjoy having them locally and also staying with us.

Looking back at these pictures just makes us miss them so much more!

The boys are just adorable. Here they are with their t-shirt project. They colored the shirts that Tyler drew for them when we were in Indiana in December. We each wrote messages to them on one side as well.

Jacob put his shirt on backwards :)
The weather was nice enough that they were able to enjoy the park across the street...Tyler and Jason were playing with them.

...meanwhile...Crystal was getting a tortilla making lesson from my grandma :)

there is just the 'right way' to roll the masa, clap it out and place it on the burner - as Crystal learned (because my grandma made her do it over and over again to redo!)

...and apparently I felt no desire to join in the lesson...I just sat back, took pictures and enjoyed watching :)

Family got together after church
these two boys couldn't be cuter!

looks like there are some sweet nothings being whispered ;)

Miles was a popular baby to hold during lunch!

As our time started to come to an end...we started to take a ton of pics. We had such a great visit with them and knew we were going to miss them so much!

So sad that you can wrap up such an amazing time with family with a few pics.....


NANI said...

oh my goodness. makes me cry just looking at them all. :) I miss them very much.. get busy and don't even realize it ... until pictures. ;) THANKS Connie. :) you got some really really good ones. :)

Dani F. Boyd said...

Hey! Cute blog, love it!!!
Dani :)

Aunt Nell said...

aww miss those sweet faces!! <3 them and loved the time we got to spend with them!! great fotos. <3 your belly shots too. I look forward to each one ;) sooo adorable!!