Tuesday, November 30, 2010


well, did ya want some pics?! :)  Here are a ton!!  Granny Lina gave Emma a bib for her to wear while she gobbled throughout the day.  

 We had our first feast over at U Mike & A Kim's.  Dani scooped up Emma when we came in :)
 ...and she spent a little time with Gma Burton
 After dinner, the boys spent a little time on the couch watching the game.  Looks like they're having a ball :)
 Before Cora came over, UMike had a little time to spend with Emma!  He had her watch her first football game :)
 U Steve was playing with Emma too!  And contrary to popular belief - he did NOT make her cry :)  Emma sat next to him during dinner and he helped rock her car seat that she was sitting in and everything.  
 For our second feast, we were back at home.  Our first time hosting!  I was a little nervous, but actually quite excited.  There were 14 of us, so we had to piece the area together for us all to be able to sit down at once. 

 Emma and Teremama
 We did a little craft time :)  I figured, it's my house, my rules - everyone had to take part.  We each wrote what we were thankful for on a feather and hung it on the wall.
 John was thankful for many things, but mainly his new family!
 Here are Emma and Jayce giving each other a high-five ;)
 I interrupted Ann getting her shoulder's rubbed, so that we could take a pic with Emma - and Paige is ALWAYS ready to pose :)

 cousin besties...these two are  peas in a pod
 Jayce having his own feast with mommy
 had to catch Shurl in the act of grazing :)
 We introduced game time to the Aguirre Thanksgiving!!  And they LOVED it!  We played a little farkle followed by Taboo

John & Jess not so much in to gaming, they just hung out on the couch
 ...and Isaiah was caught getting in to trouble!

 ...and there you have it, our Thanksgiving day in a minute!! So thankful for all the many blessings of the year, family and babies :)  But most of all, for our salvation.  Thank you Jesus for loving us so much.  



she is the cutest little girl...ahhh. i can hardly wait to hold her.
And your feast looks AWESOME! Good job!

NANI said...

Looks like you were SOOOOO organized. way to go. To be able to go to another persons house and have thanksgiving and then come back and have your own. Wow. impressed. :) I don't think I could do it.
Emma is adorable as usual and changing. :) She is looking more and more like you with bits of TY.. instead of like Ty with bits of you. :)
Thanks for the picture gallery. LOVE IT>
Glad some of the family enjoyed the games. It would make Ty feel more like he really did have Thanksgiving. :)
HA. Even I played one game of Monopoly for Christmas.. ended up 2nd. Matt of course was first again. :)