Monday, November 8, 2010

The cutting room floor ;)

i know there are at least 3 of you out there that may be interested in seeing ALL of the lovely Emma's pics we took the other day, so here is a link to see them all at snapfish :) how I wish I could narrate them for you!  We had a hoot...

my disclaimer: 
YES: I don't work, we're silly (i don't do these solo!) and we take far more pics than 'normal' peeps :) 

I had to get the perfect shot of her to commemorate this milestone!  What am I doing with it?!  Um...not much yet, we'll figure something out soon :)  

Make sure you have some time to view there are 496 photos :)  Enjoy!



Definitely just looked through ALL 496 of them. hehe.:) She is adorable.

NANI said...

OH boy, I can't wait now.:) thought I would check out what someone has written first.

NANI said...

I haven't had time to go all the way through them yet. :) HA>. I have to do it at work. .because Dad's computer is so cruddy. :)