Thursday, November 18, 2010

Emma's time without mama

Yup, I went out of town all day Friday and most of Saturday and Ms Emma stayed behind.  She stayed with Teremama and Tia Diana on Friday...and apparently had a ton of visitors!!

Cousin Jessica... Jayce...
the three little buddies ;)
 Here's the 'official' babysitter...but Isaiah doesn't want to be left out if Gwammy is holding Emma!  So he joins them ;)
cousin Shirley
those were all that were captured on the camera, but I know there were more!! 

 ...daddy home at last!!
...and on they went to have their restful evening ;0

The next day, Emma got all dressed up to go spend some time with the Boyd fam!

 ...and yeah that was it... Tyler forgot to take pics ;) 

...then mama came home!!  And she missed her little girl so much!!

love how she looks NOTHING like me in these shots of us together :)  it's only when you get a good chub face shot that she looks like me ;)  ......anyway, she did really good and I did...OK.  There was a mom's nursing room at the Arena so as much as I wished I would have taken her, it was nice to be able to sit and focus and listen to the stories and everything that was shared over the 2 days.  Not to mention the time to chat with a friend:)  I hope to get some of her pics that she took, and if I do I will be sure to share!

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NANI said...

Some really really cute shots of Emma.. So glad you got to go and relax. Hard to do, I know. :)
She looks like she had a good time. :)