Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just curious...

The other day, Tyler and I were chatting and convo got to this: many many moons ago we used to call each other's homes (ya know - a land line) to communicate. When we missed calls, we weren't able to know that, we didn't realize someone was trying to get in touch and we fell out of it...THEN answering machines came in the picture and voila - ya got messages. We were so excited to have received a message, we'd call back immediately upon hearing the message. Then that got old and again, out of touch...THEN we got pagers. And we knew immediately the second someone was trying to reach us. Cool at first, then we started 'not getting pages' :) Along walks in cell phones - still during the pager era. We got a page and immediately called the person back on our brand spankin' new cell (I'm having a flashback of high school with just writing that - I remember the day well when I got a phone and did just this!...memories! Big fat grey ATT cell and purple pager ;0) BACK TO MY POINT...and like before, texts quit getting answered by return calls on cells...then VOICE guessed the pattern, right?

Most recently it's been - emails. They went from receiving replies within 2.5 minutes like a week? (or never if it was at work and the message was from me...ok still working through some issues, my apologies ;0). After emails it was texts...and now emails on phones.

All of these methods of reaching one another seem to die out. I think it's pretty interesting. And I'm sorry if at this moment you were wishing that I had a job so I didnt' have time to think about this kind of stuff. :) Face it, you're here for a time out from life anyway, so just indulge me :)

So...with all this said, I want to know! What is the sure way to reach YOU to get a reply? What works for ya? See the poll below and definitely feel free to leave comments, I'm very interested to hear...seriously!  I'll let y'all know the consensus ;)

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